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Austin Parental Rights

Both parents would cooperate to ensure that both are able to protect the parental rights provided for by Texas law including the right to:

  • Receive information from the other parent regarding the health, welfare and safety of the child and to participate in decisions affecting these three areas
  • Access the medical and educational records of the child
  • Confer with the school on educational matters involving the...

A Word About GPS Tracking

It would be a great thing if you could just tracker your spouse to find out where they are going, or your ex, or even your child to find out where they are going when you are not around. Not so fast…. You may be hurting your case more than helping it. Judges HATE when parents tracker kids in custody cases. Let me repeat, Judges HATE when parents tracker kids in custody cases. Simply put- don't do it, it's not worth the risk.

In most...

Runaways, Missing Teens and Children

Volumes have been written on the subject of Teens, how they think, why they rebel, why they run. According to a popular parenting magazine, "Every teen either has tried or knows another teen who has run away. I haven’t met a teen yet who didn’t know of someone’s experience of running away. This can be a real problem, considering most teens will glamorize the experience."

This generation is equipped with smartphones, credit cards or...

And Bingo was his Name-O

It was the beginning of our third year working together. Cindi and I were doing our usual routine as we always did at the beginning of a case. She rolled out in the car and then phoned me so we could go over the details of the case. When she called I gave her the intel about watching a particular house for the arrival of a possible paramour.

The neighborhood was tight, and it was getting a bit hot, so after a while she had to switch...

Hard Lessons Learned as New Private Investigators

It was in the early days for Cindi and me. Meaning, we had only been at this private investigating thing for a couple of months. Since then we've worked more than a thousand cases together, but as I said, this was the early days, and we had just a handful of cases under our belts.

I enlisted Cindi's help because my husband had alerted me to a strange vehicle that would park across the street in the neighbor's circular driveway. The car...

Why Your Investigations Team is as Important as Your Divorce Lawyer

Everyone knows you need a lawyer if you’re getting divorced. Even the most amicable splits usually require someone to guide the process. Unfortunately, most divorces are not amicable. Divorce and child custody issues are extremely stressful, with the potential for lots of mudslinging. Often cases get into a “he said, she said” mode where attorneys have nothing to work with except what the other party saw, said, or did. Without any evidence,...