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Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support is a select group of leading professional Texas licensed private investigators brought together to form an agency with an impecible reputation for being highly skilled at both investigations and court testimony.

We offer Austin private investigator services focused on cheating spouses, domestic relations, family law and child custody, visitation issues and litigation support services for clients and attorneys. We bring over 30 years of investigative experience and a undying drive to find the truth.

Because all of the investigators have been in personal situations that required them to hire private investigators and interact with the family law system, we all know exactly how you are feeling at this time.

We felt a strong need to start a new agency that would offer a customized approach and personalized attention focused on your needs – not a company that would overwhelm you with an expensive process gathering evidence that you don't need.

As parents, Julee and Cindi, the founders, are passionate about helping you win your family law case or addressing a dangerous situation. They know that your success is essential because it concerns the welfare of children- of your children - the people you care the most about. And most importantly, as former private investigations clients, they know how hiring the wrong Austin private detectives can have a major impact on you and your children.

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When you hire Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support, you'll not only get the benefit of their hundreds of family law cases as Austin private eyes, but you'll also get a kind and sympathetic ear as well – empathy for your personal situation that you won't find anywhere else.

That's going to be extremely important – especially if you're among the 90% of our clients who have to be presented with devastating evidence after our investigation that you might not want to hear.

Because we know the inner workings of the family law system, you'll get a customized investigation plan designed to get you the right amount of information to help you receive the best outcome for your situation – something you might not get if you contact a company that wants to charge you thousands of dollars for services that might not be needed.

For example, it might be more effective in your case to spend a couple of hours on a trash pull instead of billing you for 25 hours of surveillance. Sometimes having Austin private eyes spend a few hours on a trash pull and analyzing the results can produce convincing evidence of drug use and other undesirable behavior that long hours of surveillance might never detect.

The fact is, we're going to recommend the right level of service, not the services that will drive up the costs without meaningful results – something we hear quite often when clients share unfavorable experiences from other Austin private detective agencies.

Last but not least, there are rare instances where we can't help you. If that happens, we're not going to take your money and fail to deliver. Instead, we'll refer you to someone that can help you. 

The bottom line is that you're going to get personalized attention and a customized plan from a specialist – not a one size fits all approach from retired law enforcement professionals trying to apply a criminal evidence gathering process to your family law situation. 

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If you're seeking our services we understand you're in a serious situation and you're going to need to act fast. 

We'll help you with a plan starting today!   Take a deep breath.... remember to breathe.  We've got your back.