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Hiring a private investigator was the best decision I made when I discovered my spouse was having an affair and neglecting our family. The team of Julee and Cindi came highly recommended for their experience and expertise.

They were accessible, attentive, diligent and meticulous making it a successful investigation. They went above and beyond, being empathetic and sensitive throughout a painstaking divorce. With my family’s future at stake, I would not have trusted anyone else.

Laura R. – Austin, TX

I worked with Cindi as my private investigator for a little over a year in a child abuse/custody case, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Cindi did whatever it took to get photographic evidence of my abusive ex-husband doing the exact opposite of what he claimed. She hid behind trash cans, waited in a hot car in the dark for hours, hid under a car, did surveillance, and was able to follow him despite speeding and erratic driving. She was always prepared with her equipment and was absolutely fearless in her execution.

My ex-husband claimed to authorities and under oath that I was crazy and "imagined” abuse and "as a result," he was going to take my child away. When it came time for court, Cindi testified, and she didn't put up with any flack. My ex-husband had to take the stand next to a huge blown up photo, taken by Cindi, of him caught in the act. The judge accepted Cindi's evidence that he was indeed doing several things he was lying about.

I would strongly encourage anyone caught in a situation with a lying, abusive, manipulative ex to go the distance documenting evidence. You are going to need it. You cannot fathom what the system is about to do to you, the innocent party. Cindi was just the right person to help me get the proof, and I've always been so glad I found her.

Kathryn – Austin, TX

Even after the investigation concluded with all the evidence I needed, they continued helping in any way they could, a rare quality to find these days. I would definitely take my business to them again if I ever need to. Wishing you the best!