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Runaways, Missing Teens and Children

Volumes have been written on the subject of Teens, how they think, why they rebel, why they run. According to a popular parenting magazine, "Every teen either has tried or knows another teen who has run away. I haven’t met a teen yet who didn’t know of someone’s experience of running away. This can be a real problem, considering most teens will glamorize the experience."

This generation is equipped with smartphones, credit cards or ATM cards, and a network of friends with the same. This can benefit an investigation when used properly, but make finding a teen by their parents almost impossible because with their network of friends, they can be one step ahead of the parent at every turn.

We advise parents to keep the cellphone bill paid and turn on any available location services available by your carrier. If your child has an ATM card, make sure you have access to current transaction information and keep the card from getting shut off. If that means adding funds to make sure your teen is safe, do it. After a short period of time your child is going to realize that the world is not so glamorous and there are predators out there waiting to be the ones to give a runaway "a job ".

Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support takes a special interest in missing children. We believe these are not bad kids, they are kids that made bad decisions and may not know how to come back or undo the wrong they have done. Keeping kids out of the hands of human traffickers is something we take very seriously and will work non-stop to help prevent. Following every lead, researching phone numbers, locations, surveillance, witness interviewing, canvassing neighborhoods are a few of the actions we take.

If you have a missing child and need to know someone is looking right now, without hesitation- call our Licensed Professional Case Specialist, Julee at 512.650.2720