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Austin Expert Witness Testimony

If you're looking for Austin expert witness testimony we'd like to introduce you to Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support.

We offer Austin private investigation services in the areas of cheating spouses, domestic relations, family law and child custody along with providing expert witness testimony for both clients and attorneys.

Austin expert witness testimony is one of many services we offer.

We have a long history of providing expert witness testimony.

When we show up in court, we're there to win.

If you're a client, attorney or judge, you'll want us in court with you as part of your team.

We've been in hundreds of court rooms providing Austin expert witness testimony for the top lawyers who consistently win their cases.

And we're experts at collecting and providing testimony with the most convincing forms of admissible evidence. That includes being well versed in avoiding unexpected landmines from opposing counsel that could undermine your case.

Most importantly, we're familiar with proper courtroom etiquette including proper dress and the best way to respond to questions from the judge or opposing counsel.

We know that the courtroom setting is a stressful environment and a place where life altering decisions are made. Like other aspects of private investigation, Austin expert witness testimony is not something you're going to want provided by someone new in this field.

Even the best photos and evidence can fall apart in court if it is not presented properly.

If you hire a private investigator without the proper experience, in just a few moments on the witness stand they can undo the hours of your hard work you spent to prepare and present your case.

When we testify on your behalf, you'll get true expert testimony that can be the deciding factor to win your case.

Don't put your case at risk by putting someone who is inexperienced on the witness stand.

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