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Why Your Investigations Team is as Important as Your Divorce Lawyer

Everyone knows you need a lawyer if you’re getting divorced. Even the most amicable splits usually require someone to guide the process. Unfortunately, most divorces are not amicable. Divorce and child custody issues are extremely stressful, with the potential for lots of mudslinging. Often cases get into a “he said, she said” mode where attorneys have nothing to work with except what the other party saw, said, or did. Without any evidence, even the most top notch attorney doesn’t have much to work with.

Private investigators are considered unbiased third parties, and are expert witnesses, just like a doctor, forensic expert or psychologist would be. We are licensed professionals and are well versed in courtroom proceedings, as well as field operations to gather the evidence you need, and everything in between. Without evidence, you’re back to hearsay and mudslinging. With evidence your attorney can keep you protected, and bring to light what’s really happening in a marriage or to the children. Good investigators work closely with attorneys to formulate a strategic plan.

Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support provides just that type of support for your case. Based in Austin, Texas our investigations team has many years experience working with some of the top attorneys in Austin. Many times clients tell us they wish they had called in the beginning, and not waited until either temporary orders or final orders are in place. Your lawyer is important. Your investigations team is equally important, and ready to work with your attorney to protect you, your children and your assets.