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Austin Child Visitation Investigations

If you are looking for a company that specializes in Austin child visitation investigations, we can help.

Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support offers customized Austin private investigator services. We specialize in cheating spouses, domestic relations, family law and child custody and litigation support services for clients and attorneys.

Although we offer a wide range of services, we'll develop a customized game plan for your situation that may include recommending Austin child visitation investigations.

We've spent years working with situations involving Child Protective Services (CPS) and worked with Guardian ad Litems assigned by the courts to look after the best interests of a child.

CPS can also get it wrong and subject you to years of bureaucratic red tape fighting for your Austin child visitation rights. If you are falsely accused of child abuse, you could face one of the most costly, time consuming and frustrating battles in your life and even be put in jail.

We know that whatever your situation is, you're probably facing a wide range of emotions including anger and confusion along with frustration dealing with the courts or CPS.

After a false accusation, CPS could put you through a living hell of procedures and interviews to confirm that child abuse did not occur. These cases can go on for years and your children could grow up without your active involvement while your case is slowly moving through the system.

These are never things to be taken lightly and you have to act fast to protect your rights.

Let us help you remove your child from a potentially harmful situation or to defend yourself against false accusations.

Don't lose custody of your child to an unfit parent and put up a strong defense if you are wrongly accused.

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