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Austin Child Custody Investigations

If you're researching Austin child custody investigations, we know from experience that your child may be in danger from your ex-spouse or from others who may be around your child.

Fortunately, Lighthouse Investigations and Litigation Support can help.

We offer a wide range of Austin private investigation services focused on cheating spouses, domestic relations, family law and child custody along with providing expert witness testimony for both clients and attorneys.

Although we offer a broad range of services, we'll recommend a custom plan designed for your specific situation. Austin child custody investigations could be part of what we'll recommend to you.

We'll put our years of experience with the child custody process to your advantage.

If you're concerned about the future of your child or facing false accusations from a former partner seeking to terminate your parental rights you're going to need to act quickly.

And you might not be able to rely on Child Protective Services (CPS) to act in the best interests in your child. In fact, if they get it wrong, you might be battling them for years to overturn a sloppy CPS child abuse investigation.

Many ex-spouses who've previously beaten you in court think they have a license to do whatever they want including violating court orders and mistreating your children.

These are types of parents who need to be monitored and watched. Their undesirable behavior can often be detected by Austin child custody investigations.

Regardless of whether you're at the beginning of the process and want to get custody of your child in court or if you'd like to reverse a prior court decision in your favor, wecan help gather the evidence needed to win your case.

If you're trying to protect your children who may be subject to unsupervised visits where alcohol or drugs may be involved, don't wait!

The most common phrase we hear from our clients is that we should have called your sooner.

Get the evidence you need to win a favorable decision now.

If you lose your case it could take years to reopen and change an existing court order!

We could be the difference between years of separation and bureaucratic red tape versus being able to spend time with your children now.

Don't stand around idle while this is going on – take action today.

Call us at 512-650-2720 or request a free consultation today!

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